5 Reasons to Fly Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines is one of the few major low-cost airlines based in the United States. If you don’t know already, they are pretty well known for their great customer service, budget friendly fares, and probably their most popular feature is you’re allotted two FREE checked bags on every flight.

You’re probably thinking if they’re so popular, why am I dedicating a whole blog post to it? Well, thats because Southwest Airlines has a few other outstanding features and benefits a lot of people don’t know about.

I’m here to break down all the benefits for you!

Free Checked Baggage (2) 

If I’m not mistaken, Southwest is now theonly U.S. airline that doesn’t charge a baggage fee for the first or second bag. This is a minimum of $20-25 dollars savings per bag provided you don’t have status with another airline. I love that Southwest doesn’t have ‘classes’ because all customers are essentially first class.

No Change Fees 

As we all know, sometimes plans change. Unfortunately in most cases when it comes to flying, a change of plans comes with at least a $75 change fee, plus possibly a fare difference. With Southwest, there is no fee to change your flight. You only pay if there is a difference in fare. For example, if your original flight was booked for $79 and you change your flight to one that costs $109, you’ll pay the difference of $30.

Low Price Guarantee 

Once you book your fare if the price drops you can get a credit for the difference up until the day of your departure. One important thing to note is that this credit is NOT automatic, you must request it. So this means you should check the Southwest website regularly to make sure you aren’t missing out on any cash back.


5 Reasons to Fly SW

Companion Pass

This benefit is more about on your flying frequency and loyalty than it’s a travel hack, but I still think it isn’t as well known and might inspire you to fly Southwest more often. Southwest has a loyalty program where if you attain 110k points (points amassed per flight) OR 100 flights in one calendar year, you’re eligible for a companion pass. A companion pass allows you to designate one person as your travel companion who will fly with you for free (not including taxes) for the remainder of the qualifying year plus the full calendar year following. Can you say clutch?

A-List & A-List Preferred

These are Southwest’s other to loyalty program offerings. The A-List designation is achieved after 25 one-way flights or 35k “tier qualifying points” in a calendar year and gives you priority boarding, 25% more points per flight, free same day standby (to catch an earlier flight), and priority check in. The A-List Preferred designation is achieved after 50 one-way flights or 70k points in a calendar year and gives you all the benefits of the A-List plus free WiFi during flights and instead of 25% earning point bonus you get 100%.

Are you convinced yet Tia? There are so many great reasons to fly Southwest whenever possible. This isn’t sponsored by the way, I just love supporting businesses that offer great value and great customer service. I thought you should know about ways you can increase your savings.

Southwest has done a lot of expanding since they’ve come onto the scene and I look forward to them adding even more locations. I’m reaching for that companion pass, maybe I’ll earn it one day. Will you be my companion?


What’s your favorite thing about flying Southwest Airlines?

One Last Thing.

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  1. The first time I flew Southwest I really had to get used to the “sit where you please” but I honestly enjoyed the practicality of the Airline. Like at the end of the day it all makes sense lol. I never had a real need to change a flight before but I guess when it costs like $200 on other airlines you don’t even consider it an option lol. I def didn’t know you can get a credit if the prices drops though. That’s for sure good to know.

    1. Yea it’s definitely a different experience and I feel like their staff in general is so much more pleasant and light hearted than many other airlines. Anytime I book with SW I always continue to stalk the fares in case theres a drop

  2. I’m a Delta loyalist but I love to fly SW when I go back home. It’s usually the only time I have a checked bag, so I appreciate not having to pay extra.

  3. GIRL! I fly Southwest every time and I didn’t even know about some of these. First of all, I’m mad I didn’t know that they would credit you if the price drops on a flight! WHAT?!?! Like who does that??! Secondly – that companion thing is AWESOME! I mean I don’t take anywhere near 100 flights per year (#goals), but let me find someone that does so I can start flying with them! haha. I love everything about Southwest. Their pilots are well trained and their flight attendants are always super helpful. I’m a pretty nervous flyer but they always make me feel safer. I love it!

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