17 gift ideas for naturals

17 Gift Ideas For Natural Hair

17 gift ideas for naturals

December just started and we’re already just under a week away from Christmas! Where does the time go? Have you secured all of you’re gifts yet? Me neither! If you’re in need of some gift ideas for the naturals in your life you’ve come to the right place. Check out this list of 17 gift ideas for the naturalistas you love!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.



Qredew – The Qredew is a handheld hair steamer that can be used to hydrate, deep condition, restyle, or detangle. I have one and I love it for hydrating and restyling.

Qredew steamer
QRedew Handheld Steamer. Photo from www.qredew.com

Bonnet Dryer – Every natural needs a good over head dryer for those situations where time is short but she needs her hair to be dry to slay for an event. These days dryers come with more options like bonnet or soft caps which are great for those who hate sitting under dryers like me. Bonnet dryer are more comfy and give you more mobility. I love this one from Laila Ali.

Thermal Hot Head Cap – Deep conditioning is such an important part of natural hair care. One way to enhance it is to add heat and my favorite way to do that is with these hot head caps from thermal hair care because they’re cordless! Pop them in the microwave on each side for 45 seconds and that’s it!


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Hairstyle – If you know where she goes to get her hair done, pay for her next service!

Hair Cut/Color- A Devacut would be an amazing gift and a great way to start the new year with a new look.



Tangle Teaser – A tangle teaser is a tool that is kind of a cross between a comb and a wire brush that is used to detangle hair.

Denman Brush – Denman brushes are another great and widely used tool naturals use for detangling.

Diffuser – Diffusers are great especially for those who love wash and go styling and want to dry their hair without having to wait forever to air dry. You can get the attachment if you already own a blow dryer or the whole set.

Scalp Massager – Scalp massagers are amazing for stimulating blood flow. I love to use mine after adding conditioner but they are waterproof so you can use them at any stage.


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Headwraps – Headwraps are an excellent gift for any stylish natural you love! Two of my favorite companies to purchase them from are The Wrap Life and Fanm Djanm along with other accessories they offer.

The Wrap Life
Photo from thewrap.life

Satin Lined Hat – There are always times when you need to throw a hat on quickly to run out of the house but naturals need a little something extra to protect our hair. All of the hats and caps from Grace Eleyae come with a satin lining inside so naturals don’t damage their curls or lose any moisture. I have a few in different colors! They offer hats, caps, scrunchies, and satin pillowcases.

Satin Pillow Case – Satin pillowcases are another great gift for a natural you love to protect her hair while sleeping. Also great for a natural who travels to take on the go.


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Shower Head Filter – If you live in an area known for hard water, a shower head filter would be an amazing gift for a natural that’d be a Godsend for her tresses.

Subscription Box – There are a million subscription boxes on the market but if your natural is one who likes to experiment or try new products, gift her with a month or two of a subscription box service. CurlKit or Curlbox are some popular ones that’d be good to choose from.

Artwork – Who wouldn’t love some amazing artwork that looks like them?

Books – There are some good books out on the market about curly/natural hair such as:

The Curly Girl Handbook 

The Science of Black Hair

If You Love It, It Will Grow

The Beginners Guide to Natural Hair

Gift Cards – Gift cards are another great and quick gift option. Make them more personal by grabbing a gift card from her favorite brand if you know it, store where she shops for products and accessories, or to try something new! You can use my code (kingteeuhh) for 10% off at FORM Beauty!


What natural hair related gift would you love to receive for Christmas? Comment down below and don’t forget to PIN this post!

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  1. I wash, style and air dry my hair. On day one it looks great but when I sleep on it the curls get matted and I have to wet it throughly and repeat the entire process all over again. Any suggestions about how I can get the curls to stay during sleep or to revive them without getting my hair wet againn?

    1. Does it feel dry? That’s what comes to mind first when you’re saying it’s matted after a day–that shouldn’t be happening. You may need to switch your products or tweak your process. Are you deep conditioning when you wash? Are you detangling thoroughly before styling? I would try those things first and see if you notice a difference. Moisture is KEY for us and often times in my opinion the reason behind a lot of our hair issues. It takes some trial and error to discover what best moisturizes your hair so be patient and pay attention to your products and processes for what works best for you.

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