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If you get nothing else from this post, sign up for Ebates as soon as you’re done reading!! You won’t regret it. Before you say no, hear me out! I’m not encouraging you to shop more or to spend more money. I’m hoping you’ll think twice about how and where you spend money. Let me explain.


How Do You Earn Cash Back?

Ebates is a platform that allows you to earn cash back for shopping online with your favorite stores, and it’s completely FREE for you to sign up. Those stores pay Ebates a commission for feeding them customers, and Ebates shares some of it with us.

How Ebates Works

Each store offers a particular cash back percentage–that changes regularly–which is given back to you based on the amount you spend.

Ebates Store Percentage

There are always stores offering double cash back (where Macy’s, for example, gives back 6% instead of 3%), promo codes (for additional savings or gifts/samples *cough Sephora*), in-store cashback (linking your card), and many other incentives. Another great option Ebates has is an extension that you can install on your browser that’ll find and apply the best coupons for you on any website you’re shopping on.

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Participating Stores

Ebates has over 300 participating stores and that includes a few pretty popular travel-related brands. A few of my favorites are Sephora, Orbitz, and Nike–Ebates even lets you name your favorite stores so you don’t miss a good deal.

Ebates Fave Stores

One of my favorite websites to book flights and hotels through is Orbitz because they are reliable, accurate, and offer great customer service. Orbitz is also a participating Ebates store so anytime I’m ready to book a flight or hotel, I make sure to do it through my Ebates account so I get some money back. Here’s a look at my account over the last few months:

ebates cashback balance

Now cash back from Ebates alone won’t be booking you any flights anytime soon unless you are spending a lot of money, but every little bit counts. Especially when it’s free. I mentioned earlier that I wanted you to think about how and where you make your purchases. It’s highly unlikely that you’d book any travel in person, but what about your non-travel related purchases?

Even some of your favorite storefronts work with Ebates! Would you consider making purchases online instead of going to the store if you were getting cash back?

I don’t make any purchases online without checking Ebates first, and I think you should do the same!



Do you believe me yet? Are you ready to sign up to get cash back on purchases you’re already making? It’s 100% FREE.

If you’re a fan of separate savings accounts this is a great way to build your travel (or whatever you love) funds!

Ebates Referral Incentive

As if Ebates weren’t great enough already, they also have a great referral program. It costs you nothing and once you have an account you can refer a friend and you both earn money! How ’bout dat? Everybody wins!


I like those odds!

Honestly, shopping online has just been better than going to traditional stores beyond the most obvious reasons like traffic and lines. A lot of times if you have time to browse you can find the same items online cheaper and with free or low-cost shipping. When you add the opportunity to get cash back on those same purchases, it’s just a win all around. Just imagine how much cashback you’ve missed out on because you haven’t signed up for Ebates? Don’t miss anymore and sign up today!


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