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If you follow me on Instagram or Youtube (shame on you if you aren’t), you already know that I’m a brand ambassador for FORM Beauty. FORM is a fairly new hair care line designed for all hair textures. It’s the sister brand to Bevel–a shave and trimmer system brand for all skin types–and both brands are owned by the parent company, Walker & Company.

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I was thrilled for the opportunity to be a beauty ambassador with FORM because I was keenly familiar with the Bevel brand after buying a kit for my father as a gift a few years ago. Although I obviously don’t use Bevel, I could tell the quality of the products and materials were impeccable. It didn’t hurt that I also saw him use it every day! When I heard a sister brand was being launched summer ’17, I figured that level of quality would translate and I knew I had to try the line. In short, I had already purchased most of the products prior to them announcing their beauty ambassador program.

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FORM Beauty Brand

The FORM Beauty brand features ten products: two shampoos, two conditioners, a leave-in/primer, 4 stylers, and one sealant/pomade. Similar to Bevel, FORM is a product line made for all textures. Instead of focusing on hair textures and types, it focuses on three key factors; the integrity of ingredients, personalization, and versatility.

  • Integrity of Ingredients

Believe it or not, while developing the FORM product line, they avoided over two thousand harmful ingredients. Two thousand. 2k. Two bands. Das a lot. These products are formulated without the popular harmful ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde, as well as many we’re not so familiar with. In a time where we are often skeptical of what’s in our food and products, it’s great to feel like you can trust a brand to operate with integrity and provide safe products. Products at the cross-section of high performance and high-quality ingredients? I ain’t mad at it.

  • Personalization

FORM gets personal with your hair care by providing a free consultation that asks in-depth questions about the fundamental attributes of your hair, your general hair regimen and styling practices, and your lifestyle. At the end of the consultation, you’ll receive a list of the specific FORM products best for you and your hair’s needs, otherwise known as your FORM regimen. It even factors in your seasonal and climate data with your zip code–because that makes a difference! Did I mention it’s free? They literally take the guesswork out of hair care which for many women is the most frustrating part.

  • Versatility

One thing I think is amazing about the FORM product line is how so few products are able to cater to all hair textures. That isn’t the extent of the versatility though. The products are formulated in such a way that they can be mixed and matched and even layered to be more suitable for your hair needs. This means for example, that a person with thin strands and one with coarse strands can successfully use the same product albeit in different ways. Mind blown!


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What I Love About FORM

What I love about FORM Beauty is that it was truly made with us in mind. They use this hashtag, #YouMadeThis, that represents the idea that their clients’ hair struggles, challenges, and frustrations led to the development of FORM. They heard us. Then developed products to help. And built a brand around it. That’s powerful. Especially with how this ‘natural hair movement’ has taken off over the last 5-10 years, we tend to overcomplicate hair. FORM has literally designed a line of products to make hair care simple, and I greatly appreciate that.


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Where to Purchase

The FORM Beauty line is available online at and, and at select Sephora stores across the United States. The great thing about purchasing through Sephora is that they do ship to a number of places internationally such as the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. Are you ready to put the health of your hair first? If you answered yes, that means you’re ready to give FORM Beauty a try. Lucky for you, I’m a Beauty Ambassador, which means discount codes! Use my code, ‘KINGTEEUHH’ or the link for 10% off your purchase!

So, have you tried FORM Beauty? What’d you think? Let me know your favorite product in the comments! Stay tuned for a detailed post reviewing all of the FORM Beauty products I have.


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