Healthy Hair Challenge

60 Day Healthy Hair Challenge

I am a Jane Carter Solution fan. Ever since I was introduced to their products in late 2016, I have been so impressed with the quality and performance of their products. My hair loves their new healthy hair line and I even use it on my 8 year old niece’s hair. In my review of the line I talked about how it is the line your hair needs and not necessarily the one you want. What I mean by that is sometimes the things we want to do with our hair constantly (ie., apply hear, lay the baby hairs to the gawds, etc) do not promote healthy hair. In fact, with enough repetition, they often begin to cause more problems.

This collection is like the boyfriend you need, not the necessarily the one you think you want.”

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Healthy Hair Collection


This healthy hair collection includes 6 products specifically formulated for restoring dry, curly, and damaged hair:

  • Renewable Difference Detox Shampoo
  • Cleansing & Conditioning Co-Wash
  • Revive & Repair Hair Masque
  • Slumber Party Creamy Leave-in Conditioner
  • Frizz Free Styling Smoother
  • Complex 4 Replenish & Repair Oil

Healthy Hair was designed for dry, curly, damaged or compromised hair. There is a daily and overnight regimen to repair and restore your dry hair, as well as products that provide heat protection. All products are safe on color treated hair. It’s the perfect combination of conditioning, smoothing and protection to maintain the delicate moisture balance required for healthy, vibrant hair.”

– Jane Carter, CEO

60 Day Healthy Hair Challenge


I wouldn’t necessarily say my hair is damaged , but it is definitely prone to more dryness as a result of being color treated, and I think I can do better with length retention. So I thought to myself what better way to combat these issues than to create a regimen with isolated products and see what kind of results it yields? Beginning February 1st I will be doing a 60 day Healthy Hair Challenge using only the products from the Jane Carter Healthy Hair line. I am confident that these 6 products, and only these, in combination with good hair care practices are what my hair needs to be happy (ier), healthy (ier), and (better) retain growth.

If you have 2017 hair goals to meet then this challenge is for you. I hope you will join me!

Here are the challenge rules:

  • Use only the Jane Carter Solution Healthy Hair line for all your hair needs. That’s right, say buh-bye to edge control.
  • Lay off the heat; Heat for deep conditioning is okay, but stay away from things like flat irons and hot combs
  • Nourish hair from within; Drink plenty of water and eat well
  • Commit to protective/low manipulation; Keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible
  • Limit potential for mechanical damage; finger detangle whenever possible and never comb your hair dry
  • Take before & after pictures; as you’ll see me say often, sometimes seeing is believing. You don’t think your hair is growing (or can’t tell) until you see the receipts!
  • Use the #KTHealthyHairChallenge to post your before/afters and progress. Let’s get healthy together!

Pretty simple right?

Check – Ins & Product


The healthy hair challenge will begin on February 1st and end on May 2nd. We will check in at the half way point and at the end to discuss the results. Make sure you use the hashtag (#KTHealthyHairChallenge) so we can see our progress. Follow me on Instagram @kingteeuhh for all other updates.

The Jane Carter Solution Healthy Hair line can be purchased online or at select target stores.


So who is in? Let’s get healthy hair together! Comment down below if you’re in!


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