11 Things we should leave in 2016 | Kingteeuhh

11 Things We Should Definitely Leave in 2016 | Kingteeuhh

11 Things we should leave in 2016 | Kingteeuhh

It’s the end of the year!! Seems like only yesterday it was like, June, and we were all #Summer16 everything. Time flies man. And like every end of the year, it is time for the most anticipated “Best of (insert year here),” “Worst of (insert year here),” and “Things that should be left in (insert year here)” lists. Well without further ado, here is my little contribution to the interwebs on 11 Things We Should Definitely

Leave in 2016.

Mannequin Challenges

They were cute and entertaining for a while, but like just about everything that goes viral on social media these days, its overdone and no longer entertaining. I can’t move one without mentioning how big a FAIL so many of them were, although a few of them were hilarious because they were just that poorly executed. Like the two with the kindergartners who couldn’t stop moving and talking, or the one with the elders who couldn’t stop shaking. It was good while it lasted but if you haven’t participated in one yet, let it go.


Snuffaluffagus Eyelashes

I’m all for makeup and enhancing one’s beauty, but the eyelash game has gotten out of control!

If your eyelashes resemble those of Mr. Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street–in other words, if they appear obviously fake, if they are overshadowing your eyes, you might just look crazy. Let me say this again, I’m not against false eyelashes, I’m against ones I see before I see you. I’m against ones that are poorly applied (I suck at applying them so I rarely wear them). I’m against ones that resemble a single strip of plastic rather than actual lashes. Let me add one more thing before we move on. I believe there’s a distinct difference between ‘everyday’ lashes and ‘performance’ or stage lashes. The drama and ‘extraness’ of performance lashes is appropriate for creating a look from a distance, but they typically look crazy close up. So the takeaways are: go for lashes that actually look like lashes, if you’re going to wear them make sure they are applied properly, and wear the right lashes for the right occasion.

As much as I love Sesame Street and Mr. Snuffaluffagus, let’s leave his eyelash line in 2016–don’t be like him.

Tummy Tea

Do these things even work? I mean, most of the times I see tummy tea promotions they are coming from tummy-less persons. So how is one really to know if the tummy tea really slims tummies if the person advertising it never really had a tummy to begin with? #QTNA

I wonder how ‘special’ these blends are compared to say the prepackaged blends at your friendly neighborhood grocery store, or even those specialty Asian stores that custom blend herbal teas for various diseases and ailments.

2017 don’t need this.

Fight Videos

I really thought we were leaving the MediaTakeOuts and the WorldStarHipHops of the world alone back in about, 2010, but hey, here we are in 2016 with them still online. Honestly though, I hate fight videos going viral because they really do nothing for us. And by us I’m talking about when people of color fight. The fights themselves just feed stereotypes and become really embarrassing when they go viral. It’s obvious that fighting will never end, but we don’t have to record and share them.

Instagram Boutiques

Need I say more?

Colored Contacts

Colored contacts–and really this is specific to people of color–should have been left in the early 2000s, but apparently they are still here. Why are we still doing this? Why?


Bad Eyebrows

Where do I start with this one? Eyebrows have become all the rage lately and it is definitely understandable why, they frame the face. Just think of how different you look (or think you look) when your eyebrows are outgrown vs. when they are freshly done. For those who don’t naturally have ‘full’ brows or those of us who’ve had their brows ruined by someone and are impatiently waiting for them to grow back, we draw or fill them in. There in lies the problem. Some of us don’t draw well. Some of us get excited or distracted while drawing. I always thought the point of (some) fake things is the illusion that they just might be yours. Therefore our eyebrows should probably not:

  • Be identical twins
  • Look like they were stenciled with Bigen dye
  • Touch
  • Make perfect 90 degree angles

Just follow the shape of your natural brow, no matter how much or little you have. Youtube tutorials are free and plentiful, therefore in 2017, there is NO excuse for bad brows. Oh, and before you finish, blend that concealer all the way out.




This certainly has been discussed ad nauseam, but #alllivesmatter needs to die in 2016. As long as people are being killed unjustly, sometimes on video, and no repercussions for their killers, all lives don’t actually matter. Until they do, chanting #alllivesmatter is really just a big slap in the face to those communities who feel like their lives aren’t being valued. It’s just that simple.

Telling Black Women What to Do With Their Hair

Another ad nauseam trend. Stop telling Black women how they feel about their hair. Stop trying to make Black women feel as though every decision about how they wear their hair is a reflection of who they are and their self esteem.


Seriously, there have been about 6 seasons of the show Catfish, why is this still a thing in 2016? Nev & Max have given us AWL the cheat codes to avoid becoming a catfish victim but somehow some of ya’ll still manage to find a way to get got. In short, do better.

Inappropriate and Over Use of “Thirsty”

Ladies, we are inappropriately and too often using the term “thirsty”. He’s not thirsty for making sure you made it home safely or texting you good morning. He’s not thirsty for taking a quicker step to open your door. Or for throwing out the occasional compliment. All of those things are just manners and chivalry and the gentleman-like behavior so many of us believe are associated with the last of a dying breed, not thirst. Let us discuss what thirst is. Thirst knows no gender. It reeks of desperation, attention seeking, and sometimes insecurity. To be thirsty is really about a relentless pursuit of someone who has demonstrated or even worse expressed little to no interest in you. To make it even simpler, in my opinion thirsty is just doing too much too soon.

Now that we’ve clearly defined what it means to be thirsty, let’s leave the inappropriate and over usage of the term in 2016. Don’t block your future blessings because you are too quick to call someone thirsty who is just genuinely showing interest.


That’s my short list of things we should leave in 2016, what is on yours? Comment down below!

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